How to Live Longer and Start Remembering More

Walking down the hallway of the Sheraton hotel in Houston, Texas, I thought about how only three days earlier I had been sitting at home with my wife and son in my living room floor. My three year old son was assembling his Snap Circuits Jr set into a helicopter for the 5th time that morning. And poof, now here I was and that time was gone. It seemed almost as if time had collapsed and those three off days had just disappeared. I remembered that moment in particular because I cherish my time with him. So if I am only going to remember the most remarkable moments, then how do I go about filling my life with more of them and less of the banal, I-did-it-yesterday kind of stuff?

It was, in a sense, an “aha” moment for me. I started thinking about things I had done in my past; things I look back on when I really want or need a smile. And guess what? I was quite surprised at what I found. It turns out that the moments I were most proud of were the times I was anxious, nervous, out of my comfort zone, and doing something new. The very moments where the risk of failure is HIGH! Whoa! You say. that’s crazy talk. But isn’t it true?

So my theme for 2014 is to signup for as many cool new things as I can fit into my schedule and write about those experiences right here. I want to practice living uncomfortably. When we stay put in our comfort zones too long, the days begin to close in on us and time collapses. The only way to live a long life is to live remarkably. I have a few ideas so far. I’d really like to hear some ideas from the crowd on what you’re doing out there to be awesome. Let me know in the comment section. I don’t want to miss out…

My first three orders of business:

1) Movember- Huge movement for men’s health and a great excuse to have that Burt Reynolds mustache for a month. I’ll do a post on this soon…

2) Group Rappelling Trip in a couple weeks, expect pictures!

3) Volunteer Work- Should have something on the schedule in a month or so. I have some great things in the making.


I have plans for something really big that will require your presence sometime next year. I really hope to get as many of you involved as possible.

When I’m an old man, I’d like to look back on 2014 with a crazy big smile and some crazy good stories.

-To have a long life, one must not only live but live remarkably. Do that which scares you.



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