Horseradish in Your Eyes: The Secret Power of Change Agents

If you cut up enough horseradish, you’ll eventually get it in your eyes and if you live long enough the world will share a few of its truths with you. These will range from subtle and imperceptible to cataclysmic and life-shattering. The greatest of these will mesmerize you with wonder and the worst of them will bend you as far as you can go and in some cases break you. Many times we are not ready for the truths that life can bring, certainly when they come at a price and are out of our control. Luckily, these truths do come with a benefit; they bring change.

There are many agents of change. Death, loss of a job, moving, losing friends; all affect each person in a different way. Most of these come when you least expect it and take your breath away. No matter how much you wish for it to go away, once it shows itself, you own it. It’s time to make it yours. In varying degrees the change will take those fairytale filters off your eyes that you looked at the world through and give you a new view from a foreign place. When you find yourself there, looking around and all alone, it’s time to make like Bear Grylls and get started making yourself at home. Build a new place you can get comfortable in and get back after it.

Life is motion and motion is constant change. You cannot have one without the other. Rejecting the change will not usually work and many times it’s a complete waste of energy. Instead, use that energy to march forward and redefine yourself. Look deep inside and determine the key principles that make you who you are. Once you’ve got a good idea what you’re starting with, look up, pick a direction and get moving.

Life will be very clear about its fairness or lack thereof. You must be equally clear with your perseverance. Death makes way for the young, fall makes way for the spring, and change makes way for growth.

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