Lifehack #1:How Recycled Rubber Can Increase Your Happiness Today

In a decision to drown the negativity from my life, I have brought out the big guns. I have discovered and enacted one of the most complex and proven systems known to mankind to drive the mental wickedness from my mind and body. For the last two weeks I have been wearing this cleansing device on my wrist and each time I catch myself making a negative remark, or even thinking a negative thought, it brings swift and stinging justice to sooth my soul. One small, red rubber band that cost me less than a quarter has increased my joy to levels akin to Indiana Jones at a bull whip convention and has me smiling like a jackass eating saw briers. Doesn’t it make sense that a “happy” person spends more time thinking happy thoughts? How can you hope to say you are happy if you let those evil buggers stay in there? Pop them right out of your life with the recycled rubber from who knows what and start living a little. In case you don’t have any rubber happiness devices.

Change your life for less than a dollar.

Change your life for less than a dollar.


SO…I’ve shared and now it’s your turn.. What keeps you positive?? Blow my mind! Leave a comment below.



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5 thoughts on “Lifehack #1:How Recycled Rubber Can Increase Your Happiness Today

  1. Dude, that’s genius. In fact I’m gonna tear my apartment upside down to find a rubberband. I had to think a little to answer your question on what keeps me positive. I think it’s easy, at least for me, to get caught up in the ever consuming, materialistic nonsense of contemporary society. It’s also real easy for me to become pessimistic and cynical of the world at large. The evening news gives me a good dose of both of those. So where do I find positivity? In gratitude. Every so often, I’ll take ten minutes out of my day and write a gratitude list. And it varies from the large (job, health, roof over my head) to the small (hanging out with Emma, playing fetch with my dog). And what it does is it helps realign my perception. I write a gratitude list and I start feeling humble, grateful, and more positive about my life and the things in it. And now after spending 15 minutes writing about it, im gonna do it.

    • Great Idea Shady! I haven’t done that in ages. I used to lay in bed at night and try to think about all that I was thankful for. It was a replacement for begging the universe for help. I always fell asleep before I finished. I agree on the news!It’s so rare to come away feeling better off for watching it. If it’s not a Tarentino film or a TED talk, I’m likely not seeing it. Thanks again for the birthday song, that was too much. You and Emma Rock!