After 8 years, it’s time for a big change… Are you guilty of the same thing?


There’s a great excitement around our house right now, but along with that, a sadness of knowing that we’re finishing one of the greatest chapters in our lives.

It’s nice to have a home base, a safe haven, a ship anchored in a friendly port. It keeps you stable and gives you security so you can venture out and explore. But, after a while you start to realize that stability that you longed for has actually turned to monotony. I’m not saying that settling down is a bad thing, just that for me, staying in one spot so long has started to give me tunnel vision on our possibilities.  Doing the same things day after day, eating out at the same spots, defaulting to the same old routines for leisure has started to collapse time. I don’t want to wake up one day and realize that I’ve been doing the same thing every day for thousands of days. So, after 8 years of living on a dirt road in the woods, we have decided to grab about 10% of our belongings (Simplifying to create more time) and move to Atlanta. This was quite a spontaneous decision and we only gave ourselves 3 weeks to make it happen. Our plan is to spend more time meeting people and living outside our comfort zone. Of course I’ll miss the crickets at night, the coyotes pack hunting in the fall, and seeing my son grin when I catch him peeing in the yard. (Don’t smirk, you know you’ve done it.) We may always be country people at heart, but it’s time for some new adventures with new friends.  It’s time to trade stability for the uncertainty and excitement of life at sea.

I wanted to take a moment and thank all of our family and friends for everything you have done for us here in Alabama. I could write a hundred books on the kindness and love I have seen by being around such amazing people.

Have you ever made a giant decision in life and gave up all of your stability for something new? What happened that made you do it? Let us know in the comment section below, we’d love to hear your story!

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6 thoughts on “After 8 years, it’s time for a big change… Are you guilty of the same thing?

  1. Omg!!!!! I’m soooo excited for you guys!!!life is an adventure and we have to make the most of every situation we get. I moved 1000 miles away from “home” to do what I’ve always wanted to do. My goal was to learn everything I possibly could and then move back- I called it my “5 year plan”. Well I’m going on 6 years. I still have plenty to learn in my career and in life but with the move I’ve learned more than I ever imagined, been through plenty of highs and lows, and in doing all of it I met the man of my dreams. Now I have someone to enjoy the adventure with. Having the Love and support from family and friends has been my foundation and downfall. You end up missing them a whole lot but it makes coming “home” so much more sweet.

    Mind you home has been in quotes, home is where you make it. Whenever people ask me where I’m from its always tough just to say my place of birth and growth because I’ve made a “home” pretty much everywhere I’ve been since I was 16 and moved in with a family 3 hours from my parents. There’s a Ted talk about it you should check it out 😉

    Ps I guess we really have no excuse to visit now… Unless you guys are really going to live on a boat

    • Emma, you are so right about moving making home sweeter. I know you love it where you are now. If not the place, at least your work. It’s great that you’re doing what you love around people you want to be around. On finding a good man, I think Chris and you both lucked out in that deal. And lastly, you have even more reasons to visit since we are closer to the city but still conveniently located to the country.(-:

  2. Brad – This is exciting news! I’m very happy for you and even more appreciative that you’ve chosen to share these stories and life events with the rest of us. And since you’re already acquainted with my own “giant decision” I won’t describe it again here, but just know that your various “giant decisions” have served to further inspire me. Well done! 🙂

    • Kai, Thank you. I’ve admired your remarkable determination now for years. Your story is truly epic and I still think about you both often. I hope we cross paths again one day and I get to hear all the amazing stories from your incredible bike trip around the world!

  3. Hey Brad, awesome site! And great post! It sounds like the roads I travel. I am looking forward to getting to know you and your journey more, and I’m really excited to follow your adventure. I also appreciate you encouragement as I’ve been getting started. And don’t forget what the great thinker, Lynard Skynard once said. “You can take a boy out of Dixie, but you can never take Dixie from a boy!”

    • Thanks Dane. It seems like the getting started part is the hardest part. Once your’e over the “Will everyone think I’m crazy?” It’s a blast. We play by our rules now! And Bama will always be home for sure. Good people in that place. Thanks so much for stopping by.