5 Incredible Questions to Help You Identify Your Passions in Life

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“Judge a man by his questions rather than by his answers.” ― Voltaire

The world is full of crazy ideas, sales pitches, and people who want our time. Every day we have to choose between so many things in our life- work, family, friends, newspapers, movies, books, podcasts. We live in such an incredible time. We can get free information on just about anything we can type into Google. Finding the information is easy now. Deciding what’s important to us, finding your real passion, now that’s the challenge. 

This week I’ve combed the internet to find you something that will really help to focus you in on that passion. I’m going to give you a list of the best questions I can find that will help you really focus in on your deepest desires. For several years now the people that make the greatest change in our world have been shouting about asking the right questions. It turns out that the best way to great answers is to ask great questions. Questions that challenge us.

Here are a five questions that will challenge you and help you to find that passion. Go ahead, see what you come up with. 

5 Questions to Pinpoint Your Passion

1)      What is it during the course of your normal day that gives you the greatest happiness? Try to isolate a recurring experience that makes you feel incredible. What is it about that experience that really gets your heart pumping? What gets you so excited to do it again and again?


2)      What makes you feel invincible? There must be something in your life that makes you feel like the king of the world. Think hard and try to picture it. Look at everything that it takes to make it happen. Try to figure out how you can ensure that scenario keeps coming back over and over.



3)      What are you ridiculously good at? I mean, really great at? There’s something you can do better than others; something you are known for. What is it? Do you enjoy it? Is there a way you can do it more tomorrow?


4)      Who do you look up to? If you could be like someone else, who would it be and why? Don’t just go for money but find yourself thinking of someone that you really respect because of the way they navigate the world. How can you be more like them today or tomorrow?



5)      What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail? This one is important. Let your dreams be crazy! Would you be famous? Would you be an artist? What would you create? If you really couldn’t fail, then the sky is the limit. The point is that it doesn’t matter that you can fail. Every bit of embarrassment that happened 100 years ago is all buried with the humans that bore it. Yet the courageous live on in books and legacies. Don’t avoid something because it seems too big. At one point in life, you were too small to open the refrigerator, now look at you!



Now that you’ve taken a second to think about some of the things that drive you, leave a comment below and let me know an answer to one of the questions. I would especially like to know what makes you feel invincible. I’ll go first…

I look up to Ben Franklin for being a man of action. He spent his time engaged in the doing and never seemed to worry what the world thought of him.

I feel great when my son picks out my shirt for me so that we match, when I get a hand-written letter in the mail, and when I finish something I started. 

I feel invincible when I’m with great friends doing something that scares me to death. Click here for the story about that.


This website is about challenging yourself to do crazy things, be uncomfortable, and live remarkably. If that sounds like you, join us.




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