Everything You Touch Should be Better When You Walk Away- The Quest for Excellence

Blank Check excellence


Because you know how much effort you put into it.

Because each little thing you do builds on your work, your character, your legacy.

Because success in anything starts with the small.


If someone is not smiling, if someone is not happy, if someone is stuck in a rut, don’t join them, throw them a rope.


Often, I run into people who are frustrated that the world hasn’t’ given them their dreams. They haven’t received the blank check in the mail. They haven’t gotten the lucky lotto numbers just right yet. They were expecting something different. They know they are meant for something great but they are stuck. Many times the lack of forward movement is just the need for a new perspective.

They wonder why others are not friendly, yet they don’t smile or speak first. They’re angry that they didn’t get the job that they wanted and they complain endlessly about it. Many times the answer is staring you in the face. If you want to be around fun people, be fun. If you want others to be your friend, be a friend first. If you want to get an amazing job, then be amazing. Don’t spend your time complaining about your station; spend your time reaching for excellence. Spend your time convincing those around you of their personal worth instead of beating the drum about how great you are. I’ve certainly been guilty of attempting to win influence through achievement. After falling on my face many times I’ve learned that people want to tell their story. If you are willing to listen, they are willing to offer you support. The more we support others, the more support we win. The more value we create for others, the more value they give back to us. Once again the cycle involves giving first without asking for anything in return. Give freely of your time, your services, your friendship; just give.

Everything you do, everyone you interact with, every single thing you touch, you have the ability to impact it. Impress upon it who you are. Make it different than it was.  Would you want to come in contact with yourself? Are you improving the mood around you, protecting your people, making a real difference, creating change?

There’s a big trap in life that no one tells us about; it’s avoiding criticism. If you move through the world trying not to be seen or trying not to be heard in order to avoid criticism then we need to talk. Here’s the new plan- own your space, expand it even. Move things, try things, stand alone if you need to. Try a different trail, shave your head, be unique and be proud if someone criticizes you- that means you’re being noticed. That means you are a mover instead of someone that just gets out of the way.

The one who says it’s broke but I can’t fix it as well as the one that says everything will be okay are both ineffective. You need to be the one that says it’s not perfect so let’s try this. Let’s do it another way and see if it works. Be the one that makes change. Improve, impact, make those around you feel awesome. Be the change you want to see.

We but mirror the world. All the tendencies present in the outer world are to be found in the world of our body. If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him. This is the divine mystery supreme. A wonderful thing it is and the source of our happiness. We need not wait to see what others do. – Mahatma Gandhi

Push the limits, be weird, reach out, help out, be excellent in each thing that you touch. Because success is taken, not given. 

Are you the person that sees something wrong and fixes it or do you tell yourself often that it’s someone else’s problem? It’s time to break the chain. Cowboy up and be that person. 

2015 is our year. We’d love to have you in our rapidly growing tribe. Jim Rohn says, ” You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” If you have big goals, if you want some support, if you want to escape the status quo and avoid average. Join us and make 2015 your year.



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Have a freaking amazing week! 

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2 thoughts on “Everything You Touch Should be Better When You Walk Away- The Quest for Excellence

  1. Oh man! You mean I have to actually take charge of my own life and make things happen? 😉 I was just hoping someone would come here and hand it to me…haha! Great post and cheers to an awesome 2015!