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My sit-down with Launch Out founder, Randy Langley

Bradley and Randy smiling for a photo in front of a Route 66 sign.

Ten minutes into my sit down with Launch Out’s founder, Randy Langley today in Tulsa and I finally got it.

I knew the rapidly growing conference was an event where people go, build relationships, and….well, launch out. What I didn’t understand until today was the hidden magic in the conference that is taking place behind the scenes.

When I asked Randy to tell me in his words just what the conference is about, his eyes lit up, his smile broadened and he let loose. He began to share story after story of people that came to Launch Out in the last couple of years.

Here’s the essentials of almost every story. People came to the conference to speak, to listen, or in some cases just because. Some of them had goals and others just went along for the ride.

The amount of success stories that have exploded from that group are almost too many to count. Business friendships, success stories, health improvement stories, editors, podcasters, authors, and people that didn’t even have an idea before the conference found friends and a lot more kindness and support than they even hoped for.

As Randy went on, I realized I had stopped chewing and leaned forward in my seat; my mind raced to keep up with the passion in his voice. His body language told a very emotional story. The one about people that hit a point in their life were it’s time to level up. Time to get up, time to make some changes.

This is what I want to tell people, I thought.  This is how I’d like to share what Launch Out is about. It’s about that magic that happens when good people get together, get to dreaming big, and helping each other. It’s a hard thing to explain but exciting to talk about.

Humans working together out of friendship and love. Building, Sharing, Dreaming, Daring, Living.

This is the first time Launch Out will be held in Atlanta, GA. The ground floor people!! It’s open to the public. It’s where the magic will be in just over six weeks. If you’re looking for something awesome to be a part of, you’ve just found it.

Click here and enter the code Bradley16 for $25 off of registration. 

If you know someone that’s launching a book, starting a podcast, building a business, leaving the “safety” of the corporate ladder, or wants to otherwise take over the world, be a good friend and send them to this event.

I’d love to see you there!

Happen to the World,




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