What do I really write in my journal?

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What is a journal?

My journal is important to me. I carry it everywhere. I take it when I travel. I take it when I go to town. It is a part of me.



My journal is the first thing I see in the morning and many times the last thing I see at night. Inside it, my ideas are free. Each page is intellectual real estate…. time I have spent at some point in my life thinking, planning, scheming on taking over the world.

It is a place for thoughts to crystallize. In my mind things can jump around, change shape, sway this way and that way. But, when I write, I capture my ideas clearly on paper. It forces me to decide.

I have a page of quotes that empower me. I have upcoming events, book ideas, things I want to try, mind maps of people that are important to me, business ideas, funny jeers I want to use. What I’m listening to, reading, want to read, learning.

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The most important thing I have in there is my own thoughts. A list of things that I insist will define me. Affirmations about what I’m focusing on at the moment and who I am.

Sometimes I go two or three days with nothing written. That’s ok. I don’t work for my journal, it works for me.

A journal is important if you want to keep track of where you’ve been and where your going.

If you want to refine yourself, redefine yourself, or start a revolution. Start a journal.

Upcoming post.. What kind of journal should I get?



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