Blood Rock 100 Training Review

A year of training with my bros

Sweetwater Creek State Park I was five miles into a 20 mile trail run when the thunderstorm hit. The Walker by Fitz and the Tantrums poured into my ears as I shuffled along. The trees were bending all around the single track trail and I came into a small clearing. Remnants of an old brick […]

My Wild Side – 3 Minute Read

The Incredible Feeling of Being Back on the Trail

With every step, I can hear the creek water squishing past my wrinkled toes and forcing air out of the tops of my shoe. The escaping air is blowing tiny water bubbles that I can see when I glance down. My thigh muscles tighten and bulge as I shift the weight from my left to […]

Make a List of Your Most Important Thoughts

Prime your Mornings With Personal Affirmations

Did you think about something today in your life that you want to be better? Your finances, your marriage, your weight, your career? How did you respond to the universe calling you out? I’m sure you sat down and brainstormed a list of three things you could do to move in that direction  and then […]

How Do I Start a Journal?

2 minute read

Starting a Journal Thinkers should have one precise place to keep track of their most important thoughts. A place where new ideas splatter onto paper and old ideas are refined. There’s only one you and you’re full of unique experiences. You have the ability to create something totally new. A tiny flicker of something that could […]