New Year, Fresh Start, Get Some Momentum with Your New Goals (or maybe the same goals)


Your Goals and Momentum If only the path to our goals were as clear as the metaphors we use to describe them… It doesn’t matter if your new goal is to lose weight, run more, or get out of debt this year. You can picture yourself on a game board with your goal in one […]

Machine Guns, Microphones, and my Tiny Dancer – My Top 5 Most Viewed Posts for 2014- Thank You!

Top 5 posts

    1. Mixing Kids and War- My September 11th Story When I joined the Army, I was a kid. When I left just 5 years later, I was a very different kid. These are a few of the adventures that shaped me and the way I think. 2. Is the Book You Wrote Good Enough? […]

5 Incredible Questions to Help You Identify Your Passions in Life

ask the right questions passion

“Judge a man by his questions rather than by his answers.” ― Voltaire The world is full of crazy ideas, sales pitches, and people who want our time. Every day we have to choose between so many things in our life- work, family, friends, newspapers, movies, books, podcasts. We live in such an incredible time. […]

Caught Without My Pants – An Awkward Triathlon Story Part 3 of 3

White Racing Stripe

Race Day I could clearly see my breath as I squatted in the woods in the early morning darkness. This was the second stop and Pamela my wife was beyond embarrassed. “Hey, better here than in the car!” I quipped. I was alone in my laughter. Either to myself or at myself, I’m not totally […]