Make a List of Your Most Important Thoughts

Prime your Mornings With Personal Affirmations

Did you think about something today in your life that you want to be better? Your finances, your marriage, your weight, your career? How did you respond to the universe calling you out? I’m sure you sat down and brainstormed a list of three things you could do to move in that direction  and then […]

$17,000 ticket, Mind-bending Ideas, Free for You – Welcome to TED.

TED Talks Ideas Worth Spreading

In this post: Who is TED? Access to the top TED videos list 5 of my favorite all time TED talks and why I think they will change the way you do business What’s a TED talk and why should I watch it? Above you right now there are hundreds of conversations taking place at 75% […]

What does a Jumbo Jet Pilot, a Rafting Excursion, the Tallest Building in the World and a Tonka Truck Have in Common?

When I first walked up, I thought there was something wrong with Tom. I had never met him before and he was bouncing around the airplane like a kid. In his mid fifties, Tom had this permanent smile plastered onto his face. What’s wrong with this guy? I thought to myself. Four days later, Tom was […]