After 8 years, it’s time for a big change… Are you guilty of the same thing?

  There’s a great excitement around our house right now, but along with that, a sadness of knowing that we’re finishing one of the greatest chapters in our lives. It’s nice to have a home base, a safe haven, a ship anchored in a friendly port. It keeps you stable and gives you security so […]

Fight Club and Skydiving: The Things People do to Stay Alive

Watching Fight Club last Sunday, I was knocked down by the striking resemblance of extreme sports to the way the characters sought not worldly goods but the feeling of being alive. As humans, I don’t think we can deny our hunger for scaring or impressing ourselves with new and worthwhile things. One of my greatest […]

Horseradish in Your Eyes: The Secret Power of Change Agents

If you cut up enough horseradish, you’ll eventually get it in your eyes and if you live long enough the world will share a few of its truths with you. These will range from subtle and imperceptible to cataclysmic and life-shattering. The greatest of these will mesmerize you with wonder and the worst of them will bend […]