Caught Without My Pants – An Awkward Triathlon Story Part 3 of 3

White Racing Stripe

Race Day I could clearly see my breath as I squatted in the woods in the early morning darkness. This was the second stop and Pamela my wife was beyond embarrassed. “Hey, better here than in the car!” I quipped. I was alone in my laughter. Either to myself or at myself, I’m not totally […]

Caught Without my Pants- An Awkward Triathlon Story

Triathlon Chrome Swim

My First Triathlon Critical Decision The cockpit windows flashed white as we entered another thin cloud layer. We had just been given our initial descent into St Louis, Missouri, by air traffic control. Brian, the captain, commanded the $25 million dollar jet to comply with the instructions via a few well-chosen knobs. The glass gauges that give […]