Did You Ever Start Something and Not Finish? Here’s Where Most People Slip (including me)

 It’s Your Decision I’ve got a shelf of things I’ve finished and a warehouse of things I’ve started. From weight training goals to business ventures, some people reach those lofty ideals and others make excuses so they can deal with the regret and pain of not having the grit to see it through. It’s easy […]

What does a Jumbo Jet Pilot, a Rafting Excursion, the Tallest Building in the World and a Tonka Truck Have in Common?

When I first walked up, I thought there was something wrong with Tom. I had never met him before and he was bouncing around the airplane like a kid. In his mid fifties, Tom had this permanent smile plastered onto his face. What’s wrong with this guy? I thought to myself. Four days later, Tom was […]