Weird: 8 Odd Gear Items for Your First UltraMarathon

I spent  hours before my long race trying to figure out the most essential items to bring along. If you are using drop bags, your space will be limited and packing light might be your best bet. However, if you are lucky enough to have a crew like I did for the Pinhoti100, you are free to bring some extra stuff just in case. Here are 8 weird things you might want to have in your bag of tricks. You might not need them all, but if you need any single one of these you usually can’t afford to wait.







  1. Body Glide– This looks like a stick of deodorant but it’s magic. I would not do any race longer that 10 miles without this stuff. You rub it in all the places with a lot of friction and when you start to sweat, it’s as good as KY Jelly. Bye, Bye hot spots.
  2. Ibuprofren– This is very controversial but many runners swear by it. Be sure to seek advice from your doctor before using this. I used it to keep the swelling down and discomfort at a minimum.
  3. Techno Music– When it gets dark and you’re alone in the middle of a national forest it could be a bit lonely. Perfect time to kick on some techno and get in the groove. Bring ear buds that won’t fall out while you’re running.
  4.  Wright Socks (dry)- I changed socks every time I could. I only had a few blisters. I highly recommend the special double layered socks that cancel out the friction.
  5. Medical Tape and Duct Tape– If you need these, you will not want to wait. Used to patch your shoes, clothes, or body.
  6. Fingernail Clippers–  Used to trim meat from yourself as it comes off. And it will. (-:
  7. Scissors– You may need to alter your shoes, cut tape, or stab a bear.
  8. Vaseline– Literally saved my ass at mile 55.

I hope that your race goes great and you find yourself standing at the end thinking it was too easy.

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