8 Things You Can Do To Celebrate National Airborne Day (Paratroopers Only)

This post is in honor of the many courageous friends I made during my years in the 82nd Airborne Division. Have an awesome day!

1) Get your high and tight shaped up.
2) It’s summer so put on your winter clothes, a PT belt, jump in  a pool, PMCS a truck, then run 5-10 miles barefoot carrying a giant rock you found in the woods.
3) Watch Band of Brothers and weep like it’s a Nicholas Sparks movie. (Alone)
4) Go on your roof and contemplate the meaning of life with a friend at night. Have another friend set off random explosives in and around your home to deepen the conversation.

5) Appreciate that you never let that arm get so tired that the static line pulled your bicep off. (Most of you anyway.)
6) Hydrate like you’re a camel then pretend your jump gets scratched so don’t go to the bathroom for like 6 hours.
7) Say “All the Way” to everyone you meet today and enjoy the strange looks you get.
8) Smile because you’re one of a few to see the inside of an actual can of whoop ass.

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