Blood Rock 100 Training Review

A year of training with my bros

Sweetwater Creek State Park

I was five miles into a 20 mile trail run when the thunderstorm hit. The Walker by Fitz and the Tantrums poured into my ears as I shuffled along. The trees were bending all around the single track trail and I came into a small clearing. Remnants of an old brick mill stood next to the river and in the open sky above sheets of rain blew sideways through the air. 100 feet away a limb snapped from a tree and came crashing down beside the trail. I felt alive.

Summer Days on the Pinhoti

It was hot, super hot. Brandon and I had ran the Pinhoti from the Ranger Station at Highway 78 towards Pine Glen and turned back at the ten mile mark. I was suffering and this was the first of several 20 mile runs we had planned. It was a tough day and honestly I thought hard about throwing in the towel afterwards. I took two days off to get my mind right and branded it a turning point to recognize the difficulty of the task and fully commit.

Highway 281 in the Dark

My brother’s strict diet of Ramen noodles and cheese sandwiches with a Reese cup in the center had caught up with him. He showed up and started the run with a stomach ache that only worsened. The sun was setting and we had our headlamps on and were making good forward progress when for about the tenth time he clutched his guts, dropped his drawers and commenced firing in the grass beside the road. The sounds were scary, the smell was worse.  He gets 100 points for refusing to quit that night.

Almost Race Time

It’s been a year of stories on the trails with my brothers. With less than a month until the Blood Rock 100 mile endurance run, I wanted to clear my head, review training and strategize for the big day. Firstly, I’m very excited about the race. I’m at peace with where I am in my training. We built up to some 20 milers and even a 26 miler recently. We had planned to get a 30 miler in but life happened and we will have to make do without it.

I’m excited to make some new memories, to find out how far I can go. I’m grateful for my wife that has supported the dream and who agreed to crew for me again. Your support is priceless.  I’m grateful for my kids that have encouraged me throughout the year. I’m grateful for the time I’ve been able to spend with Joey and Brandon and the laughs we have all had suffering together. I guess the only question left is can I do it? I look forward to answering that soon.

Blood Rock 100


On a side note, I’ve been making videos this year. Lots of em! Here’s my YouTube channel. And here’s a link to one of my favorites The Firetower

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