How to be Magnanimous in 4 Minutes or Less

or how to let the petty sh*t go and enjoy life

The world is out to get me

Most of us have been there. Something happens in the course of the day that doesn’t sit right with you. The more you think about it, the more frequently you picture yourself in the UFC ring holding them in a BJJ choke for a few extra seconds. Whether they didn’t call you on your birthday or did the wrong thing at your event, they caught your eye. Maybe in your mind you held a logic court where the offense was weighed and measured against similar offenses and the consequences were extracted from a predetermined set of guidelines that you hold dear to your heart. You’ve got to have principles right? Or, what’s more likely, your being an a$$ hat and you should make like a snow princess and let it go.

The world does not care

When I wake up in the morning, I never set out to offend folks. I am cautious to a fault sometimes when it comes to being considerate. I don’t watch videos in public without headphones. I don’t talk loud in a small rooms. I’m not picky at restaurants. I don’t stand in the Starbucks line and change my mind three times. I pick a size; I pick an Italian word; and I move to the right.

However, there are those people that seem to cause havoc on the system. They stop in the walkway, can’t decide if they want sweet peppers on their sub sandwich and file their fingernails on an airplane. These people are strange and we all know it. Most people are very consumed with what they need to do that day or what is interesting to them at the moment. They aren’t out to get you, they’re just busy with their own things and look at the world through different experiences. So, how to deal with them??

How to be Magnanimous

Magnanimous- generous in forgiving an insult or injury; free from petty resentfulness or vindictiveness:

Let’s go into this knowing that your’e gonna need to hydrate an eat your steel-cut oats before you try this. I’m gonna break this down into three easy to follow steps to help you get over your invisible enemies and get back to enjoying your life.

  1. When you get left out, offended, or insulted, use your logical brain to decide if there’s really a personal offense taking place. If the person didn’t obviously intend to inflict ill will upon you and your person, then proceed immediately to step two. (If they did, prime your mind with BJJ moves and execute)
  2. If you have a relationship with this person, immediately default to thinking about the last time that you had fun together. Remember the time you sang Sweet Home Alabama together after a six pack of IPA’s that caused you both to have the runs for a week, or maybe when you caught that marshmallow on fire and accidentally flung it into your pals hair, or maybe they just “Loved” a picture of yours on Facebook when everyone else simply “liked it.”  Remember them smiling in those moments and prime your mind to value them as a person. Everybody has off days, and they deserve some credit for the good they poured into your relationship. DON’T DWELL ON THE BAD SH*T! It’s a waste of your time and an discredit to real people you consider friends.
  3. To seal the deal, don’t tell anyone about this BS offense. You’ve decided it could have been misread. The more you think about it, those negative emotions grow faster than the green hair on a well manicured Chia Head. Things relived generate original emotions. Default back to number two and only worry about the good times. Yes, it takes some mental control. Get some, its useful.

A lot of your happiness depends on your ability to be a grown-up, remember the good that people do for you and credit them on the day they miss something. Life is short and friends with good history don’t come around often.

Friendship should not be taken lightly. Friendship is a bond between people that have at some moment in their life realized that they share something. Respect that bond. If you call someone your friend. You defend them, encourage them, and wish well for them whether you are standing next to them or miles apart.

Hope you’re all crushing life!

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