How Do I Start a Journal?

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Starting a Journal

Thinkers should have one precise place to keep track of their most important thoughts. A place where new ideas splatter onto paper and old ideas are refined. There’s only one you and you’re full of unique experiences. You have the ability to create something totally new. A tiny flicker of something that could create a lot of change. Or, sometimes there’s something you can’t afford to forget.

Thinkers should... journal

The notebook you decide to use is not as important as the method you employ to organize it. Any blank tablet will do. But, if you want to organize your thoughts, learn how to bulletjournal. Simple, powerful and FREE. A four minute video that can help you build momentum toward your goals. What do you have to lose? Watch the video.

Upcoming post….Making a list of your own thoughts. (The secret sauce behind Priming.)

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