Machine Guns, Microphones, and my Tiny Dancer – My Top 5 Most Viewed Posts for 2014- Thank You!

Top 5 posts



1. Mixing Kids and War- My September 11th Story

When I joined the Army, I was a kid. When I left just 5 years later, I was a very different kid. These are a few of the adventures that shaped me and the way I think.

2. Is the Book You Wrote Good Enough? (Yes, I promise.)

Many of you dream of writing a book. This post is about why you should. Do you feel like you’re not worthy? So does everyone else at some point. Make your move, someone is waiting to hear what you have to say.

3. Painful Authenticity, 15 Things I Kinda Wish You Didn’t Know About Me

A look into my personal life. If vulnerability is the way to really connect, here’s who I really am.

4. Jumping into the Fire of Public Speaking. How to deal with your Fear of People

October 2014 was huge for me. I flew to Iowa to speak to a group of college students about obstacles, fear, and making your mark on the world. I was terrified. Hear’s how it all went down.

5. After 8 Years, it’s time for a Big Change. Are you guilty of the Same Thing?

August 2014 we made some radical changes in our lives. Spontaneously and within 3 weeks we moved into a new place and started a new way of living. The trip has been nothing short of amazing.


2014 has been the craziest year of my life. Right now I kinda feel like have been flying with someone that is greasing them on every leg and now it’s my turn to land. (Tough act to follow)  It will be difficult to live more uncomfortably than I did in 2014. I feel like I’ve been exposed all year. It’s a really strange thing to write each week and put myself out there to criticism but on the other side of the coin, I have found opportunities and created new friendships that wouldn’t have been possible without this site. I’m so thankful to all of you for taking the ride with me.

2015 is our year. Great things are coming. We must stay the course. 

Happy New Year!

Happen to the World,



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What is your single biggest goal for 2015 and why is it so important to you? Have you tried before? Where do you get stuck? 

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