What is Priming? How to prime your life, get stuff done and feel good.

Priming- Your own thoughts first. Period.

I teach something simple and profound. Prime your mind and get stuff done. But, what is priming really?

Priming is the act of going over in your mind, sometimes out loud, your own thoughts before you begin.

Priming is waking up and reading your own thoughts out of your journal before you let the rest of the world into your mind.

Pilots prime frequently. We brief aloud our upcoming actions and the risks before we reach critical phases of flight.

Priming cockpit

Paratroopers brief and even perform physically the actions needed to safely jump from jet aircraft before they begin.

Paratroopers squatting in a field doing pre jump - priming

Humans use this behavior to stay safe during critical tasks, but isn’t “everyday” a life or death ordeal?

To prime, you need a journal. Here’s what I write in my journal.




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