What is Priming? How to prime your life, get stuff done and feel good.

Priming- Your own thoughts first. Period. I teach something simple and profound. Prime your mind and get stuff done. But, what is priming really? Priming is the act of going over in your mind, sometimes out loud, your own thoughts before you begin. Priming is waking up and reading your own thoughts out of your journal […]

Launch Out -The Inside Scoop to the Most Influential Conference in Atlanta for 2016

My sit-down with Launch Out founder, Randy Langley

Bradley and Randy smiling for a photo in front of a Route 66 sign.

Ten minutes into my sit down with Launch Out’s founder, Randy Langley today in Tulsa and I finally got it. I knew the rapidly growing conference was an event where people go, build relationships, and….well, launch out. What I didn’t understand until today was the hidden magic in the conference that is taking place behind the […]

Exciting Times are Here

A few things happening right now in my world

Hey! What’s going on in your life? It’s been awhile since we’ve been in touch. I wanted to take a minute and  let you know what’s going on in my head. First off, thank you for all of the help with my recent book launch of Primed: The 4-Minute Start to Taking Over the World. […]

My Book Launch of “Primed – The 4- Minute Start to Taking Over the World”

    Hello Friends, It’s launch day for my new book “Primed The 4-Minute Start to Taking Over the World” and I’m pretty excited. I’ve been working on this for several months and I think it has a lot of value inside for organizing your thoughts and staying focused on your goals. I’m doing a […]

How the story you tell yourself will decide if you leave a legacy or die broke

“Why doesn’t a clam give money to charity?” Joe said as he stepped up and through the doorway of a small convenience store.   “Because he’s broke?” asked Jimmy, his long time friend that happened to be holding open the heavy glass door.   “No, because a clam’s a shellfish and they don’t use money.” […]