Launch Out -The Inside Scoop to the Most Influential Conference in Atlanta for 2016

My sit-down with Launch Out founder, Randy Langley

Bradley and Randy smiling for a photo in front of a Route 66 sign.

Ten minutes into my sit down with Launch Out’s founder, Randy Langley today in Tulsa and I finally got it. I knew the rapidly growing conference was an event where people go, build relationships, and….well, launch out. What I didn’t understand until today was the hidden magic in the conference that is taking place behind the […]

Exciting Times are Here

A few things happening right now in my world

Hey! What’s going on in your life? It’s been awhile since we’ve been in touch. I wanted to take a minute and  let you know what’s going on in my head. First off, thank you for all of the help with my recent book launch of Primed: The 4-Minute Start to Taking Over the World. […]

My Book Launch of “Primed – The 4- Minute Start to Taking Over the World”

    Hello Friends, It’s launch day for my new book “Primed The 4-Minute Start to Taking Over the World” and I’m pretty excited. I’ve been working on this for several months and I think it has a lot of value inside for organizing your thoughts and staying focused on your goals. I’m doing a […]

How the story you tell yourself will decide if you leave a legacy or die broke

“Why doesn’t a clam give money to charity?” Joe said as he stepped up and through the doorway of a small convenience store.   “Because he’s broke?” asked Jimmy, his long time friend that happened to be holding open the heavy glass door.   “No, because a clam’s a shellfish and they don’t use money.” […]

Do you hold it together under fire? Don’t miss the opportunity to create yourself

Define yourself

Anyone can hold the helm while the sea is calm. – Publilius Cyrus   Responsibility is a poker game, the more you have the higher the stakes. Life is unpredictable. If you’re a high-roller and you’re at the table, things will happen that you don’t expect.  Off the tracks In the roller coaster ride of […]